Time to Buy! Special Mother’s Day Edition

May 15, 2014

Typically in the Time To Buy posts, I like to showcase unique homes or those areas growing in popularity and/or value. With Mother’s Day having just passed, let’s check-out the wonderful gifts you surely considered for your favorite Mom at the same price point as real estate:

$19k: A lovely Diamond Ring or this home in Kansas City, MO

$35k: A tasteful Tiffany’s Pearl Necklace or this home in Waco, TX

$90k: Maybe buy a Serpenti Bracelet or a cabin in Broken Bow, OK

$142k: Mother of Pearl Diamond Watch or this 4 bedroom home in Tucson, AZ

Audemars Piguet Danae

Time to Buy! Special March Madness Edition

March 25, 2014


The March Madness Brackets are out. Have you seen them? If not, you can view them at the official NCAA bracket site! Check-out what your money will get you in the college towns that have a #1 seed.

Florida Gators – Gainesville, FL for $10,000 & 546 sq ft 

Virginia Cavaliers – Charlottesville, VA for $91,200 & 792 sq ft

Arizona Wildcats – Tucson, AZ for $24,900

Wichita St. Shockers – Wichita, KS for $13,000 & 680 sq ft

Incredible Homes of Past Presidents

February 20, 2014


With President’s Day earlier this week, let’s take a moment to view some of the beautiful homes of past Presidents. Granted, not many might come on the market anytime soon, but what a amazing view into our past!

Bought in 1754 – George Washington’s Mount Vernon

Andrew Jackson’s home went through a few ownership changes before becoming a Historic Site in 1889

Thomas Jefferson’s home, built in 1770 but had continued construction and additions until 1808!

2650 Acres and its own forest – plan for a few extra days to explore James Madison’s home.

Time to Buy! Celebrity Homes

December 3, 2013

celebrity real estate

I was reading a bit on Realtor.com and came to a section called Celebrity Real Estate – it was like watching a bad movie where once you start you have to finish.

You can buy Kevin Garnett’s home now that he reduced the price to $4.2 Million!

Kevin Durant on the other hand, raised his sales price to $2,195,000 for the Oklahoma City home he is selling.

Gloria Estefan will RENT you her home for $75,000 a month – and if you are the right buyer – she would sell the place for a low $35 Million!

Michael Jordan’s once on the market for $29 Million with no offers might be heading for an auction – stay tunned on that one!

Time to Buy! Highs and Lows in Major Metropolitan Areas

November 19, 2013

real estate

Do you read and review the Case-Shiller report that comes out monthly, published by Standard & Poor’s?  My guess is no (who would really want to?) but that report has an effect on the market and moves mortgage interest rates up or down each month.  It is a report that watches home sales from 20 major metropolitan areas – below are a few homes for sale in those areas.

Lets try to impact the Report with some of you buying the low priced homes below and some of you buy the high priced ones before the next report!

Phoenix – listed for $9,900,000

San Diego County – listed for $9,900

Denver – listed for $6,800,000

South Florida – listed for $7,500

Atlanta – listed for $19,900,000

Greater Boston – listed for $89,000

Metro Detroit – listed for $2,500,000

Las Vegas – listed for $15,000

Portland – listed for $4,850,000

Dallas – listed for $12,499

Time to Buy! Special College Football Edition

September 10, 2013

football on the lawn

It is College Football time – are you in the spirit and ready?  What if you had a kid going to school at one of the top 5 schools from the AP / USA Today 2013 NCAA Football Rankings and you wanted to provide a home for them to live in for the school year?

#1 Alabama – Tuscaloosa, AL for $1500 with 1409 sq ft

#2 Ohio State – Columbus, OH for $4001 with 2460 sq ft

#3 Oregon – Eugene, OR for $15,000 with 1158 sq ft

#4 Stanford – Stanford, CA for $39,000 with 600 sq ft 

#5 Georgia – Athens, GA for $18,000 with 1000 sq ft 

Time to Buy! In Forbes’ 5 Fastest Growing Cities

August 28, 2013


Real Estate FriscoMortgageGuy.com

There are countless lists on line for the fastest growing cities in the US.  Here is one that Forbes recently did, and I share the top 5 using the National Average home price of $272,900 via the 2010 Census report.  The criteria that Forbes used for how they rank each is below; a different spin than some of the others.  Enjoy!

  • – The estimated population growth rate for 2012 and 2013
  • – The job-growth rate in 2012
  • – The rate of gross metro product growth, or economic growth, for 2012

Austin, TX for $272,000 with sq ft not listed

Houston, TX for $272,900 with 3153 sq ft

Dallas, TX for $274,000 with 2125 sq ft

Raleigh, NC for $273,700 with 2623 sq ft

Salt Lake City, UT for $273,500 with 1868 sq ft