Seventh Annual Newman Village “Lemonade Stand”

Since we moved to Frisco over 15 years ago, we’ve seen lots of changes. But one thing hasn’t changed and that’s the community’s desire to try to give back and make the world a better place. As the Frisco Mortgage Guy, I love being involved in community outreach because it’s a way to give back all the blessings we’ve been fortunate enough to receive. Yesterday, we participated in the 7th annual Lemonade Stand benefitting “Kids Shouldn’t have Cancer,  It was a great event, raising $40,000 for the foundation and increasing awareness around pediatric cancer.

As a sponsor we brought in Flipbooks for the kids, sold cherry limeades, original Davis Family Chex mix, had a Jelly Belly “guess the number” giveaway, a kids coloring station and gave a financial gift as well. Our best-selling item wasn’t a traditional lemonade stand treat, but handmade paper snowflakes made by our precious daughter Libby. She wanted to make a difference too and thought people might need a snowflake on such a hot day. She walked around in the heat with her little bag of snowflakes asking if people would like to buy one to stop kids from having cancer. Our other kiddos worked the booth and took turns walking the crowds with Libby. For me, and my wife Julie, this is an example of how giving to others is actually a gift itself. Watching our kids work hard to make the world a better place is priceless and continues to reinforce our belief in the importance of giving back.

Here are a few stories and photos from the event.

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One Response to Seventh Annual Newman Village “Lemonade Stand”

  1. Diane Fox says:

    You are truly amazing with all that you do!

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