Bicycle buying is easy!

PSA to parents
As the school years wraps – many of you might be heading out to pick up a new bicycle for your kid as they grow out of their old one. As a dad and a “bike guy” please head to a bike shop instead of a big box store this time.

I have been riding with my kids to school since kindergarten and the quality level of mass market bicycles is at an all time low. These big store bikes are less money – I get it but they are super heavy, have the lowest cost parts on them that break quickly and are assembled by a person with little to no training.

So yes, when you go to Richardson BikeMart (RBM) here is Frisco you are going to gasp at what a kids bike will cost you but they are worth every penny!! None of the RBM folks are on commission so when they talk with you about bikes, helmets and the rest – it is all for your benefit, not theirs.  

Their main bicycle lines are Specialized and Trek and as the kids grow, RBM will let you trade those bikes back in if you don’t want to deal with selling them in your own.

Kids need to experience the joy of riding a real bicycle!!!

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