Moving towards Virtual Reality as 3D Matterport Tours coded into

Buyers love pictures and the platform has done a good job of giving buyers better access to photos and virtual tours. If you’ve had a chance to experience a decent Virtual Reality (VR) format, however, you know the 2D feel of virtual tours doesn’t really give the same sense of space. Matterport is a specialized 3D camera that measures the size and elements (e.g., doors, colors, windows) in a room via infrared dots and reconstructs the inputs it into a 3D tour. It allows for the buyer to experience the space as if they were walking in it rather than just looking on the surface.

At a $3,600 price tag, plus a monthly cloud fee, the question will be…Is it really worth it? While this is something each Realtor and real estate group will have to decide for themselves, it’s great to think about a future where a buyer could further narrow down the homes they really want to see. Less time in the car, driving around from house to house, for everyone!

Geoffrey Davis – Mortgage Loan Consultant 

NMLS #206192 First United Bank & Trust

D: 214-529-9622

F: 855-239-6079  6401 S. Custer Rd.

McKinney, TX 75070

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