Using Alimony or Child Support as Income Source

When you are looking at leveraging Alimony or Child Support as a source of income there are several thresholds you will need to meet. First, you will need to provide a copy of the Divorce Decree outlining the payment structure. Next, you will be asked to provide proof that you have received at least six months of the full Alimony/Child Support payment. There can be no partial payments as this makes the income source “unstable.”  To be a hero to your client if you know a divorce is coming, have them agree to a number and begin those payments before the Decree is final, starting that 6 month of receiving those funds, speeding up our ability to use those funds to qualify!

Finally, any support that is calculated as part of Income will need to continue for at least three years from the time of mortgage application. This means that if you have two children, one who is 12 yrs. old and another who is 17 yrs. old, then only the Child Support for the 12 yr. old can be counted as income if the Divorce Decree states support will end when children become 18 years of age. Want to learn more or have questions? Please feel free to reach-out to me at 214-529-9622 or via email at

Geoffrey Davis – Mortgage Loan Consultant 

NMLS #206192 First United Bank & Trust

D: 214-529-9622

F: 855-239-6079  6401 S. Custer Rd.

McKinney, TX 75070


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