Happy Thanksgiving from Frisco Mortgage Guy

The year is almost over and given the events of the world, I am very grateful that I was born and continue to live in this great country. Think about it: the freedom to worship, marry whom you wish, vote, live where you want, find meaningful work….you get the idea. While everything might not be perfect, each day I try to be thankful for what I have but find that we have so much bounty it can be hard to know where to start. From the beautiful blue sky to holding one of my children’s hands, I am just thankful.Speaking of kids and giving thanks, I asked my four kiddos what they are most thankful for this year. I have to admit, I love their answers.

  •  Libby (5) is grateful for her Baa-Baa (her beloved lamb) and chocolate chip cookies
  • Darcy (5) is thankful for her Daddy and her twin baby dolls
  • Seth (7) is grateful for his toys, specifically Legos and Nerf shooters
  • Luke (10) is thankful for good Wi-Fi (clearly playing Minecraft) and for our house

  • My wife, Julie, is grateful for indoor plumbing. What can I say? She grew up in Alaska.

I am thankful for each one of them, and the joy my family brings into my life each day. I am also grateful for the friends, mentors, and clients I have come to know. My life wouldn’t be the same if any of these amazing people hadn’t crossed my path somewhere along the way. Many I have known for over 20 years, and others I have just met, yet I like to believe that people come into your life for a reason. Sometimes that reason is about you and sometimes it about helping others. Either way, I hope that this Thanksgiving and holiday season brings you and yours overwhelming joy and happiness.


Geoffrey Davis
Frisco Mortgage Guy

FMG Thanksgiving

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