My Orange Zone story

When I learned a friend of mine was bringing a new concept fitness club to Frisco it for sure had my attention! With these new cycling goals I have, anyway to strengthen my aging over 40 body is a good thing – when I could make time of course.

As I read up on this “Orangetheory” and their “Orange Zone” – all done in a 60 minute class – I had a feeling it was gonna be great!! Set up as group interval training that changes from class to class, so you can go 7 days in a row and not do the same work out! And because it is heart rate based – any fitness level can participate without fear of slowing the class – it is your workout!

So today at 5am I arrived for my first class. This is a scheduled based organization where you need to either call ahead or sign up via their app when you are a member for the class you want to attend – as they fill up! Once there you check your name on the printed list and your coach makes sure you have your Orangetheory heart rate monitor on.

The work out room is lined with high end treadmills on one side and water tensioned rowing machines on the other and a weigh area with individual benches at the end. There are also large TV screens in the room and those show all the stats for each person in the class! The coach has you pick how you want to start – either a treadmill or a rowing machine and then begins to guide us through what we can expect today. And their off!!

I picked the treadmill side and we started with a leisurely walk, a nice way to wake up those sleepy legs. So now the coach has 2 groups going and she is giving commands to each side and we follow, all while watching our profile on the screens go through the background colors as our heart rates rise and fall during each specific segment. That was 25 min long and then “switch” and each side wipes their machine and crosses the room. On the treadmill side you stay on it for the whole session but when you change to the rowing segment – that is when the weights come in to play.

It was an awesome mix of rowing and then running to your weight station for the intervals shown on yet another large TV monitor and by the end of that 25 minute efforts you are spent – but in a good way. As all during the work out your coach is keeping an eye on each members stats and if any are “out of the target” range – she is slowing them down.

So even though I can’t laugh today without sore stomach muscles – I am in and this is my new secret weapon to get this old body buff! After my class my stat sheet was emailed to me showing my workout and that I burned 700 calories!! Next time I will bring a towel and water bottle with me!!

Let me know if you have questions and I will do my best or just connect you to the pros at Orangetheory!!!

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