Vote in the CoServ Board Elections

Last summer Brazos Electric, on behalf of CoServ, announced their intent to construct 12-story transmission lines either along Stonebrook Pkwy. or Main Street here on Frisco, TX. Participation in this election is critical as it not only helps select the right leadership, but also conveys to CoServ that Frisco residents are closely watching how this matter is handled. Voting is held via mail-in ballot, which can be found in the Texas Co-Op Power magazine, that will be delivered to mailboxes in the next few days. Ballots must be returned by mail and received by 5 p.m. June 13, and all ballots must be SIGNED or they will be disqualified.

There are three candidates running: Jerry Cobb (incumbent), Bob Breeden and Clint Bedsole. Currently, Mr. Bedsole is the only one with public campaign information and is endorsed by the West Frisco Homeowners Coalition (represents 30k W. Frisco residents). 

General information about candidates can be found in an article from the Dallas Morning News 

Texas Co-op Power Magazine Cover June 2014

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