Weather the economy?

How much is this polar vortex affecting our economy? I for one am ready to wake up and not find frost on my car in Frisco, TX as we enter March.

The Durable Goods report came out just now, down 1%. But when you look at last months report that was low and then adjusted after to be even lower – folks are not out buying big ticket products. Then we see the Initial Claims report and that number is up a bit from what was expected – it shows a weak economy and I worry that some employers might react with trimming their work force a bit – not what any of us want to see.

Speaking of the weather and it’s impact it is having on us – Janet Yellen gives a report that had been put off due to weather – let’s listen to the Q & A section after her report for any indications for what the Fed might be up to!

On the positive for mortgage interest rates staying low – the stock market has not been able to break above its 1848 number as many fear that if and when it does – stocks go on a big run!

So what do you think – if the weather breaks do our numbers all turn around?

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