Twitter Recap: Paddy Dash, Southwest Flight Crew and IKEA Frisco


Here’s what you may have missed on Twitter:

It’s time to think about the 2014 Paddy Dash! Did you know sponsorship opportunities are available for as low as $100?

If you want to make your Southwest flight crew happy, you might reconsider the roller bag.

Should you refinance your home loan? This will help you decide.

How to determine the health of the local economy? Go to IKEA! Lots of happy buyers at IKEA in Frisco. And it is IKEA Frisco – not Dallas.

Do you know the seven questions you must ask your lender? I’ve got ’em right here.

National Association of Home Builders (NAHB)  saw a bit of a drop in their November report. They say Congress and uncertainty held consumers back.

This New York Post article revealed that the Jobs Report released right before the 2012 election was manipulated with encouragement by Census bosses! The report impacted stock and bond markets as well as our views of how the current administration was performing.

Just had to share my favorite GEICO commercial on Wednesday! Guess what day it is!!

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