Social Insights: Time to review your Facebook App Settings!


You may have noticed a recent influx of personalized cartoons appearing in your Facebook newsfeed. If so, you friends have discovered Bitstrips and given the app permission to post to Facebook on their behalf. A great many apps, sites and services ask for permission to do the same as part of their account registration process.

This is how many third party apps and sites gain access to our social media accounts, and often keep access long after we’ve stopped using the app. If Bitstrips turns out to be just another flavor of the month (remember sheep throwing?), it will join the list of once-trendy apps in that very position. The more third-party apps that have access to your account, the more your account security is compromised.

To avoid this, I recommend that everyone review their privacy and account settings every 30 days. If it’s done frequently, you’ll find it takes just a few minutes. To review your Facebook App Settings, sign in to Facebook, go to Account Settings, then choose “Apps” from the list on the left. If you haven’t done this in awhile, you’ll probably find a pretty extensive list of apps you remember only vaguely – if at all. Click on the app name to see permission details and when you last accessed the app, or just click the “x” to the far right of the screen to delete the app from your account and remove permissions.

Additional information about social media security can be found on my blog.

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Liz Marx | Owner/Strategist



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