The Government Shutdown

government shutdown closed

The government shutdown has obviously disrupted everyday life. Regardless of what side you are on, there is definitely widespread belief that somewhere those in Washington D.C. are missing the broader point. If you normally are not active in politics at the Federal level, I would encourage you to make your views known to your elected representatives regardless of orientation (i.e., Republican, Democrat).

Like many folks, I am concerned about the long-term implications of trillion dollar debt for my generation and the ones to follow. As someone who has seen many people live well beyond their means, I feel the same distress when I consider the level of deficit spending.

Here is the best example I can find about our debt limit and Government spending:

Meanwhile on the loan side, lenders are temporarily adjusting guidelines/requirements to solve for the some of the often leveraged government processes that are no longer active. It’s our way of servicing our clients’ needs while the government weathers this storm. Rates are still highly competitive and home inventory is moving across the board.

What’s the same:

  • Everything under one roof: Conventional, VA, FHA are still are all available
  •  Windows to closing are still relatively small running at 3 weeks with current disruptions
  • An online application process that’s easy to use even for a novice user
  • We are a Fannie Mae servicer, delivering consistent guidelines – and a bank who still services its own loans and cares about the client’s experience
  • Less than ten disclosures for clients to fill-out vs. the 50+ at other lenders.

What’s different:

  • Waived Social Security Validation using X; now using X
  • Waived Tax Transcript Requirement; now using X
  • For FHA, VA loans limited access to government personnel to ask questions

Get started today and move towards the home you’ve been dreaming about while rates are still at historic lows.

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