Vacation Home or just a Vacation?

Glen Rose Texas

While many of us wait for those few weeks of precious vacation each year, what if you could have a “mini-vacation” in between? In this previous post I talked about how a second “vacation” home could provide an alternate way to invest while rates are still at historic low. A second home can offer an easy way to get away and put your “vacation” dollars into something that builds equity.

Historic Downtown Glen Rose Texas

A mere two hours west of Dallas is Glen Rose, where a little slice of Texas small town life in the country awaits you. It’s a place where you can own some acreage or buy an historic home on the downtown square.

Famous for local attractions like Dinosaur Valley State Park and Fossil Rim, Glen Rose also offers river tubing, canoeing, mountain biking and various hiking trails. Their historic town square offers quaint local shopping – and don’t forget to have a slice of pie at the Pie PeddlerBut what’s best about Glen Rose is that it offers a chance slow down a bit and enjoy the good life with family & friends.

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