Social Insights: Annoyed by your Facebook Newsfeed? Take control of it

facebook dislike

According to a recent study, time spent on Facebook can undermine feelings of well being. If you’ve spent any time at all on the site, this is probably not a huge surprise. We all encounter annoying posts on our newsfeeds – from app invitations to political rants – and they often come from people that we care for and don’t want to unfriend. If you’re finding that a particular friend or information source is a consistent source of irritation, it’s time to take control of your newsfeed.

Follow the steps listed in my latest blog post: Annoyed by your Facebook Newsfeed? Here’s how to take control of it to minimize the appearance annoying posts, game requests and ads; and increase information that you’ll find truly valuable and probably wouldn’t see otherwise.

As always, I’m happy to address your questions or concerns! Any friend of Geoffrey’s is a friend of mine, so if you need help just let me know.

Liz Marx | Owner/Strategist



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