Fallon Receives Best Conservative Rating in Texas

I received the following and thought it worth sharing:

Pat Fallon State Representative

Dear Friends,

We in the District 106 office are humbled and honored to receive an A+ on the Texans for Fiscal Responsibility (TFR) scorecard.

Our office received the highest rating in the entire state!  This is quite an honor considering that TFR is one of the oldest and most respected conservative watchdog groups in Texas. Its aim is, and always has been, to ensure that taxpayers’ money – your money – is spent wisely.

Pat Fallon Taxpayer Champion A+
Michael Quinn Sullivan, the TFR director, had this to say: “Rep. Fallon distinguished himself as a true Taxpayer Champion throughout the legislative session by diligently working to represent the best interests of his constituents and all Texans. In vote after vote, Pat proved himself to be a thorough, thoughtful steward of the taxpayers’ resources.”

I made a solemn promise and vow to the voters of Denton County.  I gave my word that my overriding concern and mission was to be a fierce and consistent advocate for the taxpayers- NOT for the special interests! Now truth be told, you don’t make a lot of friends in Austin this way, but then again, that’s not why the voters sent us there!

Please take care and God Bless!

For Texas and Liberty,

Patrick Fallon, Member
Texas House of Representatives
Denton County
Nancy Dillard, Treasurer

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