It’s a Seller’s Market!

Home Inspection Due Diligence Frisco Mortgage Guy


Have you heard that term a few times in the Frisco real estate market?  Just log into Frisco On-Line or Facebook and read the stories:

“We listed our home and had 18 showings on the first day and 5 offers, all above our asking price!”

“We have a contract on our home, prayers the inspection goes well!”

“You don’t have to do anything to your home, just put a sign-up and it sells!”

Those are all well and good, but here is a suggestion from your local Frisco Mortgage Guy: call a home inspector before you list your home and learn what the buyer’s inspector is going to find.  I recommend Deb Sadler with 20/20 Home Inspection.  For all my readers,  she will take $25 off your pre-listing inspection. It’s worth knowing if you have any areas of concern before you list so you don’t have to worry after a contract is in.

Other areas to think about include making sure any divorce decrees and child support details are nailed down well before you list that home. Until a divorce or bankruptcy is settled, you may not have the right(s) to sell this property. This will not only be frustrating to you, but also to your buyers and the Realtors who can influence their purchase decision.

Why does your mortgage guy care?  Frankly, because it makes the process so much better for all involved…including yours truly. This year has been an interesting one for me, in which I have seen things that I haven’t in my entire career. For example, one of my clients was trying to purchase a home that was tied up an in estate. Unfortunately, the Realtor had not verified that the property had cleared the proper legal hurdles to even be sold prior to putting it on the market. Something similar happened on another deal where a home was part of a previously bankruptcy and the Realtor did not ensure it was able to be sold.
I think Sweet Brown said it best; Ain’t Nobody Got Time For This!

While no process is perfect, a good listing and buyers agent make a tremendous difference during a transaction. Interview yours carefully, and if you need suggestions, please feel free to drop me a note.


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