Cheer on the Griffins Rugby Club!

Frisco Griffins logoThis Saturday at 10am, Griffins Rugby will take on Pasadena in the first round of the USA Rugby National Championship Season. If you haven’t yet experienced rugby, this weekend is the perfect opportunity. It’s a full contact, 15-a-side sport without pads, played on a field about the same size as soccer. The tackles are brutal and the athletes are among the fittest in any sport, but what the majority of people enjoy most is the speed of the game. “There are no time outs,” Camm points out, “Similar to soccer, we play two halves of 40 minutes and the only break the players get is when the ball is out of play for brief periods. We also have very limited substitutions so most of the team will play continuously for up to 80 minutes. Unlike soccer, we have much more action!”

Spring Trail Park is located at 600 E Royal Lane in Irving. Tickets are $5 for adults, $3 for 14 and up, kids under 14 are free. Get there early for a good seat. The Griffins will compete on Field 2. The winner of this game will return to Spring Trail Park the following day at 1pm to take on the winner of Santa Rosa and Tulsa for the honor of representing the Western region in the USA Rugby final 4.

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