Am I a loser?


Nearing the end of December I noticed the belly – actually, my kids did. They made a few comments about daddy and his belly……even my mom did! So January 1 was the start of changing my health. Along with committing to 5 am spin classes at the YMCA I signed up to participate in the Frisco On-Line Biggest Loser challenge. I felt if I had “money” in the goal maybe I would take it more seriously.

Julie went to work teaching me better dietary habits and began making my lunch every day to keep me out of my favorite fast food places. She also convinced me to log everything I ate on the My Fitness Pal app for my iPhone. I set a 1500 day calorie intake (yikes!) and got started. The upside was that once I entered my work out from that morning spin class the amount of food I could eat was HUGE!

So although I did not win the Loser challenge, I have lost 25 lbs since January 1…..maybe I did win!  I met some great folks that participated in the challenge and need to give thanks to Van, the volunteer facilitator for the challenge, also a local rock star artist —look her up if you need paining done!

Now, where will I go from here?  What are your dietary or fitness goals? Any useful motivating tips you could share with me?

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