Buy Local!


Do you shop using Amazon Prime? As a family, we certainly take advantage of this service to save time and limit gas usage driving around the city. While it’s a great service for hard-to-find items, when used for locally provided items it does impact our Frisco economy and those retailers who rely on our spending to keep their doors open.

A friend of mine, Mark Graff with SmartEtailing, is working to help address this concern within the cycling community so our local bike stores do not lose out on potential sales when consumers are shopping online. He is partnering with many of the industry manufacturers to install a “Buy Local Now” button when consumers purchase on these manufacturing sites online. This would then show you the local retailers that have the product in stock-real-time inventory that’s ready for immediate purchase.

Since I have a relationship with a local bike shop (Richardson BikeMart-Frisco location) before I buy a product, I always check with them first. Yet as I think about the masses in Frisco, who might just be starting out in the sport, this “Buy Local Now” concept is the perfect way to connect consumers with retailers who can share their passion for cycling. Since cycling often requires a hands-on or fit specific approach, going to a local retailer will often save you money with the right product the first time and help you enjoy cycling even more.

As I think about the cycling industry, and our city’s economy, I sincerely hope the “Buy Local” concept continues to expand more broadly. I would really encourage all of us to think about buying locally whenever possible. Otherwise, one day we might lose our “local” stores all together.

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