So what good is a Rotary meeting anyway?

keep calm and hugI have been a Rotarian since 2004 as a member of Frisco Sunrise Rotary.  My father is an active Rotarian in Lawrence, KS and my grandfather was also a Rotarian.  My father-in-law and his father were also Rotarians.

Why?  To be a Rotarian you need to attend your club’s weekly meetings. Who has time for a commitment like that?  An hour a week spent listening to area speakers and learning about what the club can do to better influence the lives of others—there is just no time for that!

Well, my Rotary meeting the other day was one of those meetings that reminded me of why I am proud to be a Rotarian!  Mark Hundley from Journey of Hope Grief Support Center was our speaker and delivered a powerful message on an uncomfortable topic. Please visit their site here and learn more about this local resource whose mission is to assist all of us through difficult times. I came away with the goal to say better goodbyes to my family and friends – making sure to give them an extra hug and kiss, never knowing if it might be our last.  Arms out…. I’m coming in for a hug! Be ready!

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