Lessons from Lance Armstrong

true falseAround the time the Lance accusations began, I wrote my views about the side of Lance that was important to me (if you missed it, read it here).

It discusses his 1st Ride for the Roses event in Austin, TX which remains the most important race of my life as it was where I met my future wife. As a result, I’ve been a Lance supporter forever. Before my retirement from bicycle racing, I even did a few races with him…..although he spent most of the race at the front while I was at the back!

With his ‘come clean’ interview with Oprah (which I still can’t bring myself to watch), it is official:  I have/had a false hero.  Wow, talk about a blow!  I think I was the last person holding out hope that he would appear with the evidence that would forever clear his name of the doping accusations….but he did not.  Each time an accuser came forward, Lance quickly dismissed them and I was the first to believe him – only now to realize he was not the man I thought he was.

Was I alone? When did you come to the realization that he was hiding the truth?  How could I have had blinders on for so long?

Here is a goofy video made when my son was young and our favorite saying was, “What does Lance do” and he quickly puts his hands in the air as he wins the race.  In some way, I am happy my kids are not old enough to be aware of any of this – but it does wake me up to the fact that I will have to be prepared for situations like this as they get older after a friend or teacher lets them down.  So what I hope to do is learn from this situation and teach my children that it is not, “win at all costs” or the famous quote from Ricky Bobby’s father, “If you ain’t first you’re last!”

So thank you Lance Armstrong for what you have given me–a reminder to raise these four kids of ours with a clear understanding about winning and losing and that all of our actions have consequences.

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