Fiscal Cliff: Crisis Averted?

fiscal cliffThank heavens the dreaded financial cliff was averted…… or was it?  I write these comments not to start long, non-winnable discussions of whose views might be right.  I write them because I am afraid for my children as we keep kicking this can further down the road.

Our representatives came back to work over the holidays to reach an agreement. The details will continue to be released but from what I have seen so far it does not seem to be the bill that was needed.  I believe that we need to concentrate on how we spend our money in this country.

This is not a Democrat vs. Republican issue, This is about a country that has lost its way. It’s time for some of these items to be eliminated. We spend with reckless abandon!

Raising the debt limit is not the answer. Would it work for your family budget to do that? With my work as the Frisco Mortgage Guy, I am in a position to review the financial habits of preachers, police officers, city employees, small business owners, etc., etc. None of us would survive with the debt load the Government puts on each day.

I heard part of an interview with Maverick’s owner Mark Cuban on The Ticket the other day.  The host was asking him about money and Mr Cuban said that he would hire a coupon professional who could save him money on what he buys. In other words, it is easier for a family to save $3,000 than it is to make an extra $3,000.

Do you remember this You Tube video about the debt limit that circulated a bit ago? Very funny – and puts it into perspective. A great watch!

Lets hear it! What do you think? What changes need to be made? Where do we begin?

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