Dare to Be a Kid Again?

nothing like a perfect summer day to remind me of other perfect summer days –
those endless summer days of childhood.  Now also, having 4 kids ages
ranging from 7 to 23 months have me re thinking and reflecting what summer is
to be about.

summertime comes no homework, so my school friends and I could fill our days
with bike riding, video games and – lunch at the K-State Union!  And I started wondering
– when did summertime become such a serious business?  Why now, as adults,
don’t we ever indulge in the wonderful things that made summer so
special?  Of course, real-world responsibilities come with adulthood, but
still – wouldn’t it be great to take some time this afternoon, grab your
friend, spouse or child and…

☺   Go to the lake and throw a Frisbee-who cares if you make a fool of
yourself.  White Rock Lake is just around the corner.

☺   Ride a bicycle for fun, not exercise.  Maybe even rent a
tandem bicycle from Richardson Bike Mart?!

☺   Make lemonade from scratch and share it
with your neighbors, or sell for .25cents.

☺   Find a local fair and ride the Ferris wheel
–and every other ride– at least twice. (And worry not about how qualified
there are to set it up….)

☺   Fly a kite.

☺   Take an afternoon nap – and don’t apologize
for it.

☺   Go to a baseball game.  Major league, minor league or little
league- it doesn’t matter.  Frisco Rough Rider tickets are very affordable.

☺   Cool off in an air-conditioned theater with
a movie that a 10-year-old would love. All the while, munch happily on a pack
of Twizzlers.

☺   Pack a picnic with potato salad, fried
chicken and cookies, and say “To heck with that diet” just this once.


Don’t let
this summer pass you by without doing at least a few things that can make
summer so special.  I hope to see you at the Lake, Ballpark or on the
Ferris wheel soon…

P.S.  e-mail me and
tell me how you dared to be a kid again!  Julie and the boys will be in
Alaska over the 4th – and me and the twins are yet to decide what we are up to
this weekend, a drive to Kansas?


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