Buy American

Whatever happened to those American-made products? Are the shareholders and the companies looking only for the bottom line killing the country?

After an email prompted me to ‘Buy USA’ I went to the grocery store to look at some products I currently buy. What I found was that very few of them are made here in the United States. What would happen if Target started a campaign to only sell made in the USA products? Could they do it? Probably not with clothing any longer. Probably not with sporting goods, games or groceries, either.

So what are we doing to ourselves? What are we doing to our country? Companies move their manufacturing overseas because of the cheaper labor cost. Companies move their profits overseas so they don’t have to pay taxes. Do we need to change the way we think about taxes?  Do we need different laws in place for manufacturing?

Where we going and what are are we going to become?

If we don’t make anything here and all we do is buy – where are the jobs? Are we just saying that we don’t want those jobs anymore? We don’t want manufacturing jobs? I want us to buy American. I want people working in factories here with good wages. And I guess I’m okay with paying more. How much more would it cost if the companies produced things here in the States and couldn’t hide their monies overseas, would they have to raise the prices per category per product to stay profitable? How high?

What are we going to do? Who makes the change? Do we leave it up to our president, congressmen, senators, mayors, city councilman? Who makes the change? Maybe we do. Maybe we are the ones to tell Target and Kroger’s and other shopping venues that we are going to buy American from now on.  Maybe we should look at the items we buy more carefully and leave them on the shelf if they are not produced in this country. It could all be up to us.

Let me know what you think. Are you concerned about this?

Thanks for reading… 

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