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If you remember, my last column told you about my incident with the post hole pounder and my drive over to Centennial Medical to get some 10 staples.  I probably should have waited and called an ambulance, but I made it!

In hindsight, I should have gone to Legacy ER. It was a toss-up direction wise, and I chose Centennial purely because it was closer to the girl’s daycare.  But when my good friend, Jay Woody, the owner of Legacy, removed the 10 staples that were in my head and reviewed all the paperwork from
Centennial, we found that the ER doctor at Centennial was actually a student of his. Not only did I pay more at Centennial ER, I got a less trained doc.

Thanks to my friend Brian White for staying all night (with Julie out of town on a work trip) in case the kids needed something during the night and then helped out with the morning routine. Having him there meant that I could blank out with pain meds.  A good friend!

But the staples are out now and I am pain free, for the most part, a small allergic reaction but we have narrowed the source and should not be affecting me any longer!  I have a picture of the staples; maybe I could raffle them and raise money for a charity?

What’s funny about that accident is talking to candidates here in Frisco and learning about their past injuries. One told me that 3 years ago when he was first running for Frisco City Council he had a similar incident.  Fortunately for him there was no blood, but he actually knocked himself out! He told another candidate the story of what happened and advised him to be careful, but sure enough… three or four days later that candidate whacked himself in the head, too.

All I can say is that Julie is not allowing me to use post hole pounders when I’m by myself, and to be honest, I don’t think she wants me to use them anymore at all. I might just be sticking to residential signs!  If you do want a sign for one of my two council candidates – Tim Nelson and Scott Johnson – let me know and I’ll deliver it to you.

Thanks for the calls and concerns about my head wound. I do appreciate the support I received from so many friends – Love my Frisco Family!

p.s. With so much talk of my accident, I am going to make a reenactment video and get out on the net soon and will share that link with you.

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