Frisco Sunrise Rotary and Leadership Frisco

Among all of the great things that have happened to me while living in Frisco, two will always be memorable. First, I was introduced to Rotary and second, I became a member of Leadership Frisco.

Rotary has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember as my dad has always been a Rotarian. I never got to meet my grandfather, but I have learned that he was a Rotarian, too. When we moved to Frisco in 2003 and my friend Bob Clark invited me to Frisco Sunrise Rotary, it seemed a very natural way to become active in our new community.


Rotary has had a large impact on my life in the past few years both through speakers and programs I have heard and through the opportunity to serve the community. For instance, last week I was privileged to hear the experiences of Yvgeny Marchenko, a Russian immigrant now living in Frisco. He was a world class gymnast, coach for Carly Patterson and is the owner of WOGA (World Olympic Gymnastics Academy). He spoke about coaching his young athletes and changing lives through the discipline of physical activity.


As service to the community, Rotarians collect coats from our friends and neighbors to be given to the less fortunate; we ring the bell for the Salvation Army during their Christmas fund raiser and we promote a 5K run to provide funds for five local charities. Our club is also open to new ideas presented by our members. If the proposed activity is fiscally possible, it will be given the support of the membership.


Obviously, for us to continue those activities in which we are already involved and to expand into other areas of interest and need, members are not just necessary…..they are vital. So I hope you will consider this your invitation to join us for breakfast (a FREE breakfast!) at 7:30 AM on Tuesday morning at Randy’s Steakhouse in downtown Frisco. We promise you a freshly prepared breakfast of your choice at one of the best restaurants in Frisco, an interesting program and stimulating conversation with our club members.   


Leadership Frisco, a program sponsored by Chambers of Commerce in many cities across the country, is an excellent way to take a deeper look into your city. It takes you through city government, local non-profits, community sports and cultural activities. It is an incredibly valuable opportunity to learn about your city and meet the people who are involved. The class is held one Friday each month for 9 months.


Now granted, you have to get your company’s permission because you’re gone from 8:00 to 5:00. Some people take a vacation day from their work; others have been granted permission by their employers to be gone those 9 days. However it can be done, it is an experience you will never forget and will always consider a worthwhile use of your time and money.


Look at the picture below.  



That was taken in the conference room on the fifth floor of City Hall during a one-on-one with City Manager George Purefoy and Leadership Class14. When else would you have the opportunity to have Mr. Purefoy’ complete attention over lunch? George loves doing this, and meets with the Leadership class every year to listen to what Frisco citizens are thinking. He also knows that the upcoming leaders of Frisco may well come from the class with whom he is lunching.


The applications for Leadership Frisco will be available next year. I’ll remind you to submit yours.

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