Lights Lights and lights….out

I love Christmas, the spirit, the lights – I just love it.  We spent the day a few weeks back, putting up lights and decoration all around the front of the house.  I wrapped the tress and did the bushes, looks awesome.

Here is what I don’t like about lights, coming out and finding half of your tree not lit.  Grrrrrrr.  I guaranty it is user error with too many light strands on one line (when oh when will I learn?).  Not this year it seems.  So now I get to fiddle with the lights again.

What is your love/hate with Christmas time?  Mine most certainly is lights!

Geoffrey Davis

214-975-1266- fax

214-529-9622- cell

Honored as one of the 2010 Best Mortgage Brokers in Dallas! for D Magazine.  Ranked 25th in 2009 production in the category Largest North Texas Residential Mortgage Lenders, according to the Dallas Business Journal!


Geoffrey is the “Frisco Mortgage Guy”!


P.S. I use DropBox as a more secure way to move papers back and forth – FREE!  If you sign up from this link – we BOTH get an extra amount of storage space, still FREE!!!

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