Santa Santa Ho Ho Ho

As you know from reading this newsletter or because of knowing me, I am a Frisco Cheerleader.  Rarely will you find me promoting much outside of our City limits but today I am.  Not only do the folks at The Village at Allen have the best Santa, they added a virtual line this year!  Let me paint the picture for what I thought Santa photos would be like this year.  2009 found us at the same Village at Allen as again, they have The Santa (Our Stonebriar mall had him but let him slip away a few years ago) with me standing in an hour plus outside line while my family sat toasty warm in our minivan watching Christmas shows and drinking warm beverages.  Thinking it was about 30 deg outside (same as this year).  They all had a great time, me, not so much. 

But as I looked on line this year, the virtual sentence caused me pause.   We arrived earlier than we ever had before they opened, with me in full doubt of this virtual line.  Once there, I walked up, entered my cell number and walked away and sure enough, no more line but a text message telling us about what time to come back!  Once back, within 15 minutes the kids were on Santa’s lap, some happier than others, to have their photo taken.  If you have yet to have your Santa photos taken, I hate to do this, but visit the Village at Allen as they have this down to a T!

Geoffrey Davis

214-975-1266- fax

214-529-9622- cell

Honored as one of the 2010 Best Mortgage Brokers in Dallas! for D Magazine.  Ranked 25th in 2009 production in the category Largest North Texas Residential Mortgage Lenders, according to the Dallas Business Journal!

Geoffrey is the “Frisco Mortgage Guy”!

P.S. I use DropBox as a more secure way to move papers back and forth – FREE!  If you sign up from this link – we BOTH get an extra amount of storage space, still FREE!!!

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