How does your brand get seen?

I get asked that question all the time:” How does your brand get seen? Where is your name out there? We need to get it consistently in front of people”. Calls from advertising companies come in daily…one of the downsides of having your name and phone number in Frisco Chamber of Commerce and other directories.

Seven years ago I was told to print something with my name, picture and interest rates and take it to all the real estate offices on Monday morning. What many of you don’t know about me is that I’m a little shy and I do not like to cold call. So to replace those cold calls, I started the newsletter.  I can sit here at my computer and still get my message out, and over the years I found that others liked it as well as just the Realtors.
It is also common for me to receive emails or phone calls from sales people offering a pre-produced newsletter, saying that doing my own is not cost effective…that I should be doing something else to generate revenue. Whether that is true or not, I still prefer to do a personally generated newsletter, talking to you about not only interest rates and mortgage issues but also local issues and concerns.

When I do pay to advertise, I do so in places I am either involved with or in which I have an interest. That’s why I advertise on Frisco On-line. It is a community forum that I actually enjoy participating in, so I advertise there just to make sure that the web site stays around.  I remain an advertiser in the Frisco Chamber of Commerce because I am very interested in the city of Frisco…..its growth and its future. It is always nice to receive calls from those sources, but calls are not driving the advertising.

I did a small ad with the Frisco Style magazine the other day and was glad to support them. They do a section, questions in the community that I really enjoy. Our local newspaper in Lawrence, Kansas, used to do that, and I think it’s great.  But, what I did the other day was very unlike me! 

This is how you’ll see me driving in Frisco now. Since my life is extremely mobile right now ( I am sometimes known as the ‘Children Shuttle Service’….it seems that I am always either dropping off four children or picking up four children) I have realized what an advertising opportunity I’ve been passing up  – – to have my brand on the back of my vehicle! I even checked with an attorney friend about putting this on other people’s vehicles and paying them to advertise my business. Bad idea!  Something about liability! So, unfortunately for those of you who are raving fans of the Frisco Mortgage Guy, even though you would love to have this on the back of your vehicle, I must disappoint you.
So where is YOUR brand? Where does it need to be seen? By putting your brand on your vehicle are you risking too much by how we drive today?

Geoffrey Davis

214-975-1266- fax

214-529-9622- cell

Honored as one of the 2010 Best Mortgage Brokers in Dallas! for D Magazine.  Ranked 25th in 2009 production in the category Largest North Texas Residential Mortgage Lenders, according to the Dallas Business Journal!

Geoffrey is the “Frisco Mortgage Guy”!

P.S. I use DropBox as a more secure way to move papers back and forth – FREE!  If you sign up from this link – we BOTH get an extra amount of storage space, still FREE!!!

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