We’re Having a Garage Sale!

This week we’re putting the "clean" back in Clean Air Gardening!

A recent walk around our warehouse preparing for next spring revealed that we have a lot of "stuff" sitting around.

Many of the items taking up room are product samples that we used for photography, or for shooting videos. Some of them are purchases that have been returned — some used, some unused.

We initially planned to have a Dallas-only warehouse sale, pick up only. But then we decided to let everyone in on the action.

Some of these items are large, and your best deal is going to be if you pick it up here in person. Others aren’t so big, so they’ll be cheap and easy to ship. If you want to know how much it costs to ship something, call us and we can calculate it based on your ZIP code.

Since these products are one of a kind, we created a master list on our blog, with photos and prices. We’re going to cross them off the list as we sell them, and we suspect that a lot of the stuff will go fast. After 72 hours, we’re going to take the page down.

There’s only one way to order, and that’s by phone. Call us at (888) 439-9101. If you live in the Dallas area and would like to pick up your the item(s), we can arrange that when you place your order.

Click here to see all of the products on the list and see if there’s anything you like!

Happy hunting,


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