Local Church time!

Lately I have heard from several friends of their search for a new church home for their families.

In some cases they are new to Frisco; in others their children are finally getting to the age where leaving the house as a family for a church service is doable.

When I am asked about a good family church in Frisco,  I have three suggestions. First is St. Phillips, of course, as I am a charter member there and I love it. I love everything about St. Philip’s.  It’s an Episcopal church but is a bit less formal or traditional than some other Episcopal churches. My mother, who used to work for the Episcopal church in Lawrence, Kansas, always enjoys going to St. Philip’s with us when they visit. She feels that the service is more friendly and Fr. Clay’s sermons very meaningful.

If I can’t get folks to come and visit us at St. Phillips Episcopal, then I suggest two other Frisco churches that I think are similar to St. Philip’s. By that I mean less emphasis on the ‘smells and bells’ and ritual that my generation seems to be pulling away from. But they are not interested in a ‘town hall meeting’ church, either. They’d like to go to communion and have time for prayer in a reasonably formal setting. 

So my next suggestion is Grace Avenue on Teal and Main Street, I hear from some of my good friends who are members there that the minister is very charismatic and the service inspiring. I understand that when people attend Grace they enjoy their time there and find the congregation friendly and welcoming. 

My third suggestion is Hope Fellowship.  Again, some really good friends of mine attend Hope Fellowship and although I’ve never attended, I hear that their minister and his sermons are very similar in kind to Fr. Clay Lein, the priest at St. Philip’s.  

The choice of a church is a very personal and individual decision and there are many churches in our community from which to choose. I am sure that any of them would welcome you and your family to their service. The important thing is that you find a church home that is comfortable for you and provides the support we all need for our daily lives.

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