Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

Have you ever stood in front of a home and thought, “Wow. With the right owners, and a bit of TLC, this could be a stunning home”? Well, that is the way we feel about the home directly across the street from us. Each morning, when I go out to get the paper, I look at this lovely, 4-Bedroom home equipped with a large island kitchen, curved staircase, family room and media room, and hope that one day it will find the owner it deserves.

As an extra bonus, this home comes with great neighbors for whom we can vouch-including ourselves! Our little pocket is a special place that gathers in the fall with BBQs in the street, a bounce house and a visit from our local Frisco Fire Department (the kids love this). A protective bunch, we know everyone’s children and keep an eye on our neighbor’s homes when they are away. You will always find there is someone with a bottle of ketchup, cup of sugar or egg to spare-critical during cupcake baking for a child’s birthday. Mystery “Boo Baskets” with treats for youngsters magically appear on your front porch during Halloween with a wish that you will “Boo” someone else to carry on the tradition. 

It’s our slice of the American Dream, and we feel honored to live amongst such good people. We would love if we could welcome another family into the fold and I guarantee you that everyone would be thrilled to have you. Julie has personally offered to do some sweat equity work in your new front yard, that she says has great specimens but needs some new placements and plant additions to really help show off this home. Baked goods, or a bottle of wine, are bound to be part of the welcome offering to our newest friends.

Check it out at if you are looking for a feel good neighborhood with people who care and children who play in the front yard. We look forward to seeing you move in-and lending a hand!

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