Racing day it’s racing day

On a recent trip with my 3 year old son down to see my brother in Houston we got a nice treat, a trip around a race track.  Well, my brother and I did, my 3 year old was a tad on the young side and my dad “opted” out.  So my brother’s friend, who races, brought his Ferrari race car out of his storage garage at the track.   But he corrected me; this is not my race car, just the one I use down at this track.  So he drove to the track in a Ferrari, has a Ferrari race car that he keeps at this race track, I was scared to ask what his real race car was.

Please remind me, the next time I get offered a ride in a Ferrari at a track, to say no.  Remind me I don’t do so well on roller coasters and that is precisely what those laps felt like.  I can’t tell you how fast we went as there were no speed gauges in the car; his guess was over 150 mph.  Great times but I will sit in the viewing stand the next time.

Geoffrey Davis


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