Le Tour

I can hardly wait!  The Tour de France starts this Saturday, July 3rd!  This year’s race will go down in the record books of racing history.  Why you might ask?  It will be a highly competitive race with new teams, new riders and old rivalries.  The Versus channel has a full daily line-up and you can also read live updates here if your boss won’t let you turn the TV on in the conference room

My Tour Competition: Guess the jersey winners; win a prize of your own!

The Tour de France would be “boring” if there was only one race that spanned 3 weeks. So, over the years the organizers added “races within the race” for each stage.  The prize of each day’s mini-race (i.e., Stage) is a special jersey to the rider who had the fastest time and/or has accumulated the most points.  There are four jerseys you should know about when watching Le Tour:

  • Maillot Jaune, otherwise known as the Yellow Jersey, goes to the winner with the lowest time
  • The Green Jersey goes to person who has the most stage points
  • “The King of the Mountain” which is the Polka Dot jersey is awarded to the rider with the most mountain points of the race (and these are mountains!)
  • White Jersey is awarded to the Best Young Rider

To learn more, Wikipedia has a great write-up available. 

Participate in my FMG Tour Challenge and pick who will be in what jersey on the last day, Sunday June 25th.  There will be a Grand Prize winner as well as individual winners so you all need to cast a ballot.  E-mail your selections to me before the start of Stage 1, Saturday July 3rd to participate.

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