One very spirited Frisco City Council

One very spirited Frisco City Council election is now in the books.  Thanks to all who supported candidate John Keating, our next City Councilman.  One interesting fact, from the Leadership Frisco classes 2007-2010, each has had a classmate get elected into City Council.  Class 10 in 2007 was my class and ours was David Price.  Class 11 had Bart Crowder, Class 12 had Patrick Fallon and lucky Class 13 sees John Keating continue that tradition.  So, you have just over a week to turn in your application for Leadership Frisco Class 14, are you called to the challenge?

I do wonder though and ask this of the leaders of Frisco: is it possible to make it easier to vote? We currently have 4 voting locations for early voting. Early voters are allowed to vote at any of those locations regardless of the district in which they live.  Then on Election Day there are four new locations and all voters must go to their designated polling places.   If we can allow folks to vote in all locations during early voting, why not on Election Day?  I know there is a very good reason and I look forward to learning more about this issue but also hope there could be enough voices saying – yes Frisco, keep it simple.

Geoffrey Davis

214-975-1266- fax

214-529-9622- cell


Geoffrey is the “Frisco Mortgage Guy”!


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