Should I hire a home inspector before I hire a Realtor to list my home? Why?

I would suggest that the first person to tap for your real estate team is the person who will be the point person or "head coach" for your whole transaction and that is your Realtor.  Good Realtors are very well networked and will assist you in building a team around you that will make your real estate game plan run much smoother.  It is the same principle of hiring the head football coach first and having them build the team of coaches that is right for the team player’s and the overall game plan.  Bringing in the inspector before the Realtor would be like hiring the offensive line coach before the head coach.  The offensive line coach may be more versed in a running offense and the head coach may want to play a passing game so in that scenario the players don’t have the benefit of a cohesive coaching staff.  This scenario is not the best scenario for the team members or the execution of a strong game plan.  Designing the right game plan for you and your home makes choosing the right "head coach" for your real estate team the fundamental first step for your real estate success. 


Having an inspection done is a good warm up an workout before the game so everyone knows what the team has to work with and any potential challenges that may be ahead.  It would be like knowing that your left guard has an injury and working on it the days ahead of the game to make sure he is up to par or better when the whistle blows on game day.  This pre-game workout and warm-up allows the homeowner to address an major deficiencies and enhance the home with any additional suggestions from the Realtor and Inspector.  This strategy enhances the game plan so that the team is playing from the same play book and knows what the game plan is when they go onto the field. 


This "pre-game" inspection plan has worked well for many of my listing clients.  When the game moved into the third quarter and the buyers inspectors found little or no deficiencies in the home it was a touchdown for the Sellers because it advanced the transaction for a first down.  This kep the game moving without delays or penalties of additional negotiating for repairs or price reduction.  The game plan momentum kept moving toward a touchdown.


The expense of the inspection and the few extra days to get it completed and repairs done saved the Sellers both time and money in the overall game plan by creating a sense, for the Buyers, of having found a good deal on a well kept home.   There was no punting to save the game as the clock wound down to closing.  For my clients that took this game plan and executed it precisely it has been a win-win situation for all the players involved on both sides of the transaction.


Melanie Roberts

DFW Real Estate Coach



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