Dishonest Flyer in Frisco City Council Election

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Dishonest Flyer in Frisco City Council Election

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This Editorial of Support For John Keating was prompted by a dishonest flyer mailed to Frisco Residents. 

As a Frisco resident, a fellow payer of hefty property taxes and an owner of multiple businesses in Frisco, I like to keep my finger on the pulse of city politics. I have researched both candidates running for city council. I have spoken with scores of people who know the candidates well.  I’ve asked about the candidates’ stance on issues, their backgrounds, their political philosophies, their priorities for Frisco and finally where they stand on important ‘hot button’ topics that most affect us on a local level. I have also had some of my employees interview both candidates and I have co-sponsored an Q & A with both candidates with Radio Free Frisco. In short, I would consider myself an educated voter concerning both men in the runoff race for Frisco City Council.

Joyner Back the Arts Center ($19 Million in More Debt for Frisco) 

Mr. Joyner privately has spoken about his support for the sale of bonds for the Arts of Collin County (ACC). In fact, according to his former opponent, Councilman David Prince, in March of this year (a scant 90 days ago), Mr. Joyner came to his office and strongly urged him to support the sale of the bonds for the ACC now.  This project has an initial $19 Million price tag to Frisco for construction and we will then be on the hook for covering 23+% of the financial losses the project is expected to have in perpetuity (in other words…forever).  The BEST case scenario is this Arts Center loses ONLY $1.5 Million per year.  It could very easily be twice that or more.  In short, in order to support this project you have to be in favor of TAX INCREASES because there is no other way to pay for the construction and then the never ending O&M costs.  Not surprisingly, now that he himself is a candidate, Mr. Joyner is singing a different tune.  In very conservative Frisco, he is now stating on the campaign trail that he won’t support the sale of the ACC bonds until ‘the city is ready’.  How convenient.  I smell a rat.  Something tells me that the city will be ready immediately after a Joyner victory.  And oh by the way, Councilman David Prince, who is no longer a candidate, is supporting John Keating, Mr. Joyner’s opponent.  He felt so strongly about his support that he appeared in a mailer with Mr. Keating enthusiastically endorsing him.

Now to the heart of the matter.  Where is Mr. Joyner deriving his support?  He claims he is not a one issue candidate.  Really!?  Take a gander at his endorsement list.  We have yet to find one person on that list who is also not an ardent supporter of the ACC.  Smelling rodent again?!  And unfortunately it gets worse.  Mr. Joyner’s friend, largest cheerleader and former Mayor of Frisco, Mike Simpson runs the Collin County Art Center as its Executive Director. (We’re still wondering how he got that job after only being out of office for six months and having ZERO experience in construction or the Arts). The jobs pays Mr. Simpson $187,000 + bonuses. That is right, the former Mayor of Frisco has a sweetheart job being paid $187k+ to run the Collin County Arts Center. 


Joyner and the Arts Center Equal Higher Taxes in Frisco 


Joyner’s friend and former Frisco Mayor Mike Simpson + 187k sweetheart job + Joyner supports Simpson and the project = FRISCO TAX PAYERS getting a raw deal and taxes going up to keep Mr. Simpson in a job.

Less than honest Campaign Flyer from Joyner

So imagine my surprise when I got a very slick flyer on Thursday June 03, 2010 that clearly states that Mr. Joyner is a fiscal conservative who will be the taxpayers’ best friend! The same flyer went on to indirectly label his opponent, John Keating, as a tax and spend liberal (not the case). – This flyer was so slick that I am guessing that it was produced by an outside firm that has boilerplate buzz phrases they use for their clients regardless of the truth.

In our opinion Mr. Joyner represents all that is wrong with politics. He is using last minute dishonest propaganda to try to get elected. He is supporting a project that reeks of cronyism, bad judgement & wasteful spending.

Real Frisco Supports John Keating For Frisco City Council

For these reasons the Real Frisco Editorial staff is joining the Frisco Firefighters’ Association, The Frisco Police Officers’ Association, nearly every Frisco GOP precinct chairperson,, The Libertas Society and many others, in strong support of John Keating. 

Letters of opposing view are welcome. News @

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