Frisco Mortgage Guy Approved Providers, FMG-AP.

Welcome to another installment from the Frisco Mortgage Guy Approved Providers, FMG-AP.  A group of folks, be it local or area related in the Metroplex that perform outstanding service and I’ll use again and again, and again. I hope someday you might be able to use the services of these folks as well. 

Bullitt has my Back!  Years ago when we moved to Frisco I went looking for a good chiropractor.  From all the abuse I put my body through with bicycle racing it is a must to have regular maintenance with a good doctor.  What I found was not only a good doc- but a good friend.  From my 1st appointment with Dr. Brian Bullitt, owner and operator of Bullitt Chiropractic, I knew he was the right fit.  Not a person who just breezes in adjusts and sends me on my way.  There was stretching conversation and careful adjustments and I have been a patient ever since.  Who has your back?

Who’s Money is it anyway?  I don’t have many questions when it comes to investing money for retirement- how can I, we have four kids…can I just have them be my retirement plan?  What I want out of a financial advisor is honesty and knowing my money is working as hard as it can be.  I found all of that in John Gay, owner of Frisco Financial Planning.  There are many advisors that I like to refer, as not all clients are right for all advisors but John has a simple plan, it is not your money anyway- it’s God’s.  So when he started his company, as you can see from his site he gives credit back to where it belongs.

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