How do you choose your candidates for a local city council election?

Many of us don’t know the candidates personally or have the opportunity to interact with them; so do we leave it up to reading what they say on their website?  Do we rely on who has the most signs out on the road? Do we ask our friends? I have always tried to go to as many candidate forums as I can to hear their views but this year it’s easier for me to choose as we have the opportunity to re-elect two deserving candidates.

It’s been a growing time for Frisco and with that growth has come some very important decisions that needed to be made.  I know some of those decisions were hard for many of us to accept and that there will be lots of discussion but I believe the council that we have is in pretty good working order. I would like to keep the candidates, Jeff Cheney and David Prince, on the council for another term.  If you have yet to meet or hear the candidates, I hope you will attend the upcoming forum on Wednesday, April 21st, from 6:00 p.m. to approximately 8:00 p.m. in Hall Office Park. I urge you to go and listen to what they have to say about the city of Frisco and its future.  


Or you can be like many of my friends: “As long as you did your research and trust those candidates, I will vote for them”.


What are your ideas about candidates and voting?

p.s.  Thank you to the 384 kids, dogs and adults that joined us for the 2nd annual Lochrann’s Paddy Dash in beautiful Frisco Square.  Great weather and great fun- all benifiting a great group- Frisco Family Services Center! Log on to the site to see where you or your friends finished!  See you all next year!

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