How are You Saving the World?

Recently, we made a global change at the Davis household and began composting.  We went online to a company called, which is owned by a friend. With his advice and his online tutorial, we selected a compost bin as well as a counter-top canister for all of our table scraps.

The boys are elated.  They cannot believe all the fun it is to take things from their plate that are on the approved list and place them into the silver canister.  The other day my five-year-old asked me to put the canister lower so that they could reach it without my help. My answer?  Not on your life! Supervision is definitely required with a 5 and 3 year old!
We have many rabbits (and possibly other varmints) in our area in Frisco, so we’re taking care that we don’t save the food scraps that would attract varmints to our bin. The bin we purchased does have rodent screens which are a big plus.
How are you saving the world?

Here in Frisco we have a great system through Community Waste Disposal with large blue recycling trash cans. When I first moved to Frisco, we had small, green buckets that were kept in the garage and then set out on trash day, but they’ve been replaced with these large blue recycling bins. They can take almost everything.  Anything they don’t take you save in your garage and take down to the City of Frisco on ‘Chunk Your Junk’ days. There is an approved list of items that they will accept; those things that are unacceptable can be taken to the dump.
We have been recycling so well that we asked for a second blue canister. I would encourage you to look at the top of your recycling container if you live here in Frisco.  Familiarize yourself with all the different items to make it easier on our life.  We are teaching the children in our house to put any items that are recyclable in a ‘recycling spot’ on the bar. They will then be put outside in the container. We keep a plastic bin in the garage for easy collection of recyclables so that we don’t always have to be walking outside to the larger container.

I hope you’re doing things in your world that are helping to reuse, recycle, I guess that’s like the song goes in the Curious George movie.  Reduce, reuse, recycle.  Thanks for reading.

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