How Much Do You Spend Per Month

I recently added up all my monthly communication bills. We use AT&T for everything. Both Julie and I have iPhones and that plan costs a pinch more.  We have UVerse for our TV and internet and two land line phones – one for my office and one for home. All together it is often as high as $500 per month. If you had told me some years ago that I would be spending that much money on communication I would never have believed you!

What it showed me was that I tend to lose sight of the bills unless I regularly spend time auditing them.  Since I audited our communication cost we have downgraded our UVerse package from what’s called the U300 down to the U200 for savings of over $25 each month.

By downgrading, we lost movie channels that we did like to watch. (With two babies and two others under five, you don’t get to go out a lot to see movies!), so we added Netflix for about $9 a month.  It has unbelievable movie availability that you can watch in real time, on your computer or movies can be sent to you by mail. It has proven to be a good way to save a bit of money each month.

We went through our cell phones and found ways to reduce the program package as we were starting to gather rollover minutes.  We then took out the office number. I need my office line, but we replaced that $50 a month with Magicjack so we now pay $20 a year versus $50 a month! The net savings was just huge and it will greatly help offset all the other items that keep popping up.

Have you done some cost updating lately? Do you have tips you would be willing to pass on to help other families save money each month? I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks for reading.


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