Lockable Mailboxes

Shortly after the twins were born a client asked if he could drop some paperwork in my mailbox instead of bothering us with a doorbell that might waken sleeping babies. I was very uncomfortable about this as a mailbox is not a secure place for private papers and insisted that they knock on the door. I’m also pretty sure it is illegal to place anything into a mailbox unless you wear one of those uniforms and drive around in a little truck.

But thinking about the level of sensitive information they intended to leave in the mailbox and thinking about what comes to us in the mail each day, I decided a change was needed!  I purchased a lockable mailbox from Lowe’s the next afternoon. A friend of mine found a brick layer who came out and took out the old mailbox, set the new one in place and re-bricked our mailbox. Here in Texas a lot of our subdivision’s Homeowner’s Associations have regulations that require brick style mailboxes.  


I now have the security that I did not have before. The mail delivery has not changed as the mail person simply slides the mail into the slot and closes the door. If we have outgoing mail, it is placed in a clip which is attached to the door.  To retrieve the mail, my key unlocks the box. Simple in design, but very effective in execution in keeping our mail as safe and confidential as possible.  What are some things that you’re doing around your home for safety?

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