Superdrome Vision

The Superdrome Management Group is building a family-friendly area on the east section of the velodrome property, envisioning an inviting environment for residents of Frisco and surrounding communities to fully enjoy a family night out at track cycling events.

Currently, spectators have been limited to bleacher seating only and families with children try to balance keeping them entertained and safe while comfortably watching the races.  Clearing the eastern pad of bleachers allows for the addition of picnic tables, benches, movable shade awnings and a fenced-in play area for the children.  Families will then have the opportunity to bring a picnic dinner and relax and visit with friends.

In the long term, the Superdrome hopes to add a larger playground area and a thorough awning system to increase the family-friendly atmosphere and in hopes that residents of local neighborhoods will feel welcome riding their bicycles or walking the trails to the Superdrome for a family outing. 

Those of us who volunteer, support and participate at the Superdrome would like to have more Frisco residents interested and involved in the velodrome and what it has to offer as a recreational sport or entertainment venue.  The new High School program is set to kick off in March 2010, with Liberty High School scheduled as the first school to utilize the velodrome for physical education classes five days a week from 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. 

Estimated Initial costs for phase one of construction:

Item                             Qty                    Price

Picnic Tables               6-8                     $1,300.00 each

Benches                       10                         $900.00 each

Bounce House             2                        $4,000.00 each

Awnings (movable)                               $2,000.00

General construction costs                   $10,000.00

Estimated Long term costs for phase two of construction:

Item                                                       Price

Large playground area                         $85,000.00

Awning system                                    $15,000.00

One Response to Superdrome Vision

  1. Woody Smith says:

    My 2010 plan is to get my 18 year old to go to college and not be a bike bum like me. I also want all my kids to be more respectful to others and us. (there parents.) I also want to give more money to the church than any other year. for my Dad and I to learn to make a Violin I got sweetest Violin sound ever heard. Lastly get 100% out of credit card debit by 12-1-10. Just have House and car monthly payment.
    May God Bless you all with many blessings.

    2011 help my Mother in law and have her move in with us and help my Mother and step Dad more.

    Kind Regards, Woody

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