TV shows we follow

I say follow as with kids- I never get a chance to actually see the show at its scheduled time any longer- thank you DVR!  We are big CSI fans, the original- not the goofy Miami or NY edition.  Love NCIS and Julie is starting to watch Criminal Minds at the suggestion of some friends.  But my favorite is a newer show called the Shark Tank.  5 wealthy investors who get pitched company investment ideas and boy do they let some of these folks have it.  

The premise- you have a small company and want to take on a partner with more knowledge and capital than you have.  On the last show the investors let all the deals pass but one- Grease Monkey Wipes.  Expect to see more about this product soon as 2 of the Sharks came in on the company together and since their goal is to make money- I bet it does!  What is your favorite show or idea for the Shark Tank?

Geoffrey Davis

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