Quality Ride at an Affordable Price

Yesterday, my oldest son and I volunteered to help a new youth triathlon club, named FASTT Tri Club.  They were having a skills day and asked if members of the Frisco Cycling Club (FCC) could volunteer to help. As we watched the riders go around and around the marked course it became clear what separated many of the riders was not just strength and ability, but the bike they were riding. 

Trust me, I know all about the cost of bicycles. I also know that many of us won’t consider buying a bike from a bike store until we feel our children are old enough to appreciate it. The challenge is with large big box retail store bikes is most of us don’t know much about them-who put it together, how much does it weigh, how long will the brakes last, will it be easy to peddle, etc.

As an avid cyclist, I really encourage parents to weigh the risk vs. reward when purchasing a bike from a local store versus a big box chain. The local store has a vested interest in ensuring you have a quality bike, where as a chain doesn’t hinge its entire reputation on whether or not your bike falls apart. A great way to get quality at a lower price is to buy a used bike from your local bike store. You get a certified bike that you know won’t fall apart when your kid is on it, at a retail chain price. As an added bonus, if you buy from a bike store, you have the option of selling back the bike later and can use the credit to buy your kid’s next one. I just bought one for us and it’s perfect for my 5-year old son who I want to have a safe bike without spending a fortune. Just a thought…. 

Geoffrey is the “Frisco Mortgage Guy”!

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