Reasons to be Thankful

Recently I had some outpatient surgery done and let’s just say that the healing process was not as uneventful as it should have been. But, as with most situations like this, there is always an upside and what I experienced next was amazing.  I was able to witness Julie’s amazing ability to manage work and 4 children under 5 years of age mostly by herself.  I was able to witness friends and family and the care and support they offered to both of us.  And while my comfort level in hospitals is exceedingly low, I was pleasantly surprised by Baylor Frisco Hospital. They provided excellent care and, most important, kept me from escaping too early. 

 This event is also a nice tie in to an article I wrote a bit ago and had not yet had a chance to put in the Weekly (see below).

 So here is to family, friends and health this holiday season.  I for one am looking forward to the break and being surrounded by my large family as we celebrate the birth of Christ. It is especially joyful for all us to share Darcy and Libby’s very first Christmas.

Be safe, have a wonderful holiday and when in question, always put others 1st!  

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