I’ve got some great doctors

 When we moved to Frisco I began attending the Frisco Chamber of Commerce networking meetings in order to establish myself as a businessman in our new community and also to meet other business people. Now that I am established in my own business I continue to attend the meetings to meet the new business people coming into the Frisco area. Frisco is like the old Gold Rush towns with new people arriving almost daily and I want to become acquainted with as many as possible.

One of the people with whom I became acquainted when we first arrived in 2002 is my Chiropractor, Dr. Brian Bullitt. He has become a good friend and is also one of the main sponsors of the Frisco Cycling Club. It is great to have him involved. I was also fortunate enough to meet Dr. Pedro Checo who has become my primary doctor. He has a great sense of humor, a great office staff who ensure that his schedule runs on time and is very direct which I appreciate. Dr. Chekko and I have a true bond in our love of Free State Brewery in Lawrence, Kansas. We have a mutual friend who has taken him to Lawrence and introduced him to Free State and we both have a great appreciation of their products!

Through Dr. Checo I was introduced to Dr. Gupta when I was in the market for lasik eye surgery. I would highly recommend Dr. Gupta as a caring and responsive doctor. He charges no more than any of the other doctors who perform this surgery and was always available to me both before and after my surgery. I would highly recommend him.

Recently Julie insisted that I go to a dermatologist to have some spots examined so I made an appointment with Dr. Michael McGuiness. From the beginning his staff was very pleasant and organized. Although I have been to a dermatologist before, I had never been to one where they did a full-body scan. It was very cool. Since I have spent a great deal of time in the sun while bicycling Dr. McGuiness talked with me about preventative measures I needed to take on a regular basis. I was genuinely impressed with his demeanor and his approach. So, if for any reason you have a need for a dermatologist, I would highly recommend Dr. McGuiness.

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