Responsible Parenting

It was over 5 years ago, my church; St. Philip’s Episcopal was still meeting in Bright elementary school.  A team of us rotated to set the church up each Sunday morning and then break it down and store it for next week.  It was on one of those Sunday early mornings that I was on shift and my set up partner, Grady Lesser had just two words for me, Baby Wise and a minivan.  You see, Lucas had just been born a few days earlier and I must have been looking not so rested.  And his comments were taken to heart- Baby Wise is a great guide book for new parents and one we like to send to expecting parents.  But his comments about the minivan came to light this last weekend at the soccer game for Lucas.  I was on the passenger side unloading Seth and the twins and I hear a thud, then a 2nd one.  I look over and sure enough- the car next to me was putting it to the ManVan.  And they were set to keep loading and do nothing until I ask, “How bad is it?”  Surprised as they did not know anyone was around, let alone the owner.  So here is what I have to say to you parents with youngsters- read Baby Wise and stop letting your kids fling open their doors and bang my van unless you plan to leave me a note and fix it.

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