Frisco City Councilman’s Day on the Bike

Here are some notes from my friend and Frisco City Councilman’s day on the bike. He made me a promise to be in a Frisco jersey the next time he rides a bike. I have some cycling friends (you know who you are Geoffrey Davis and Bill Woodward) who have been trying to get me out to join them in the Frisco Cycling Club. Problem is, I only ride a bike around the neighborhood with my kids and probably have never gone further than a few miles. I was invited to represent Frisco in the Make-A-Wish 100 wish Bike Ride (Maher Maso was out of town….how convenient!). This was a first year event to raise money to grant 100 wishes and over 1,000 cyclists turned out. They had mapped out a 10 mile course for myself and Plano Mayor Phil Dyer and McKinney Mayor Brian Loughmiller. Members of the Legacy Riders club rode with us for encouragement. After the 10 mile marke, my rider coaches challenged me to make the 30 mile mark. The last mile felt like it was straight uphill but well worth the struggle. It was a great event and I hope it can kickstart me to finally join the Frisco Cycling Club on some rides!

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