Frisco Cycling Plan

The below article is one my cycling club wrote and I wanted to share with you:

The City of Frisco has been following a Hike & Bike Master Plan that was developed in 2002. In 2007, the Frisco Cycling Club (FCC) heard that the Master Plan was being amended and that there was a possibility that designated roadways might be eliminated.  This was a major concern for members of the Frisco Cycling Club.


While researching the Master Plan, members of the Frisco Cycling Club found that the bike lanes provided in the plan were not cohesive or destination oriented. They did not allow for the establishment of logical bike routes of 5 mile, 10 mile etc. throughout the city and surrounding area. There was also a concern with the development of the Panther Creek roadway and the city recommendation to eliminate the designated street path.


This lead to members of the Frisco Cycling Club attending the City Council meeting that had this item on the agenda. During that meeting the FCC agreed with the city on the issue of the street path on Panther Creek because it would not have segued into a roadway due to the right of way access that was available.  Also at that meeting, George Purefoy, City Manager of Frisco, asked city staff to include members of the Frisco Cycling Club as advisors on the re-working of the 2002 Hike & Bike Master Plan.


Members of the FCC developed a comprehensive plan for the establishment of bike routes throughout the city and submitted it to the Parks and Recreation Department. Subsequently, they worked with the Parks and Rec staff to refine the plan and submitted it to the Zoning Commission which approved it and sent it to the City Council. The Council also approved the final plan.


One component of the new plan is a 5 year implementation period. The first part of the plan to be implemented has been the 300 Share the Road signs that you see on the roadways today. The FCC members are very appreciative of the interest and quick action of the Parks & Rec staff and the members of the City Council for all they have done to make the signage a reality.


When asked about the effectiveness of the signs, Geoffrey Davis, President of the Frisco Cycling Club, asked members of the club if they felt safer with the signs. Jeanne Patterson answered: “The signs are a great way to remind motorists that cyclists have a right to be on the roads. Plus, with so many new people moving to Frisco, this is a great way to introduce the best roads for cycling to the many cyclists moving here.” Matt Vonderahe replied: “Do I feel safer when riding? Absolutely. Those roads feel like sort of a safe zone where drivers and cyclists both receive a ‘public service announcement’ in the form of the signs. Sharing the road means just that and we as cyclists must hold up our end of the relationship and be courteous, safe and obey the laws.” The note from Clint Richardson said, “Having the signs posted provides a visual reinforcement to the driving public of the rights of cyclists to use the roadways and a sense of legitimacy when cyclists are encountered by motorists on these roadways.


Frisco is a great city to live in but to also get involved with,  city staff is eager to have opinions and help from the citizens.  I am looking forward to the next 4 years of the implementation of the redesigned Hike and Bike master plan.  It will be great to have the family all out for a ride soon!

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